Our Services.

We develop integrated engineering services, specialized in detail design and management of public and private projects, in sectors such as infrastructure and civil structures for example, from conception to completion of the project.

Road engineering

ASI Group has drafted, on behalf of public administrations, several projects in the field of road engineering. The initiatives developed concerned the complex activities of upgrading the existing road and highway infrastructures, as well as the maintenance and upgrading of the related public works.

Convinced that the development of a civil society is directly proportional to the quality of its infrastructure, our contribution translates into the design of safer roads, taking advantage of the new technologies available.

ASI Group provides public and private organizations with its know-how acquired over the years, in the field of road works design, especially in the engineering of road safety devices.

Architectural design

In recent years, the design of eco-sustainable buildings has increased significantly, developing innovative technologies. Achieving the goal of a comfortable home with high energy and eco-compatible performance requires, first and foremost, cutting-edge design.

In this sense, our commitment is a choice for several generations. We are convinced that it is possible to combine comfort with acoustic, energy and natural lighting performance. Our commitment is aimed both at the renovation of existing buildings and the design of new architectural forms in balance with the surrounding landscape.

Today, ASI Group is committed to the dissemination of architectural models that exploit the multiple characteristics of natural materials, specializing in the design of wooden buildings and the experimentation of new construction technologies.

Designing is a passion!

Structural Engineering and Seismic Analysis

We provide consultancy in the structural field both in the design and construction phases, in all sectors of public and private construction and with a specific focus on infrastructure.

Our team works with strong experience acquired in this sector and also develops complex analyses in relation to construction techniques.

Energy design

Now more than ever, energy efficiency is an issue, not only for the building trade but also for individual homeowners.

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings has become one of the ASI Group’s priority areas, which also includes expert consultants from the CasaClima Agency on its team.

Safety coordination

ASI Group is often called upon to carry out tasks, for public and private administrations, concerning the issue of safety in the workplace.

We deal with safety coordination during the design phase, where we coordinate the development of the project for the correct application of accident prevention regulations. We communicate any requests for adjustments to the project in order to comply with the regulations during the construction and maintenance phases, preparing the necessary Safety and Coordination plans.

ASI Group possesses the necessary qualifications of Safety Coordinator in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08. We have all the skills to correctly implement regulatory provisions and to assess the risks associated with it.

Works Direction

We follow our projects until their completion, carrying out all functions related to the direction of the works, both for construction and infrastructure.
Through a qualified team, we can support both contracting authorities and construction companies throughout the length of the contract.

In recent years, we have specialized in the redevelopment of existing building assets and upgrading highway networks.


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